Basic idea behind the Wright-Fisher model

Wright-Fisher Model is the simplified version of biological life cycle. The Wright-Fisher model shows the sampling of alleles in a population where there is no selection, no mutation, no migration, non-overlapping generation times and random mating.

The basic idea of this model is to extend and generalize the model of genetic drift in a biological population that reduces the complexity of sampling error.

Some assumptions made by Wright-Fisher Model are very much similar to Hardy–Weinberg assumption although a bit exception in finite population rather than approaching infinite. These assumptions are as follows-

Population generations are non-overlapping, equal fitness all the time and constant population size through time. These assumptions are the basic factors to reduce sampling error and schematic of the biological life cycle which explain the model of genetic drift.

Written by:
Md. Rayhan Mahmud
Research student, Department of Ecology and Population Genetics
University of Oulu, Finland
M.Sc. in Microbiology, Jagannath University, Bangladesh

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