Use of enzyme for treatment of genetic disease

Enzymes have active participation for acceleration or deceleration the chemical reactions in the body. Some health conditions may occur due to problems with gene and happen for an enzyme. So very often such kind of genetic disease can possible to treat by replacing the causing enzyme. There are several ways that enzyme helps to treat genetic diseases.

®    Treatment of the following diseases:
-Gaucher’s Disease
-Tay Sach’s Disease
-Fabry’s Disease
®    Heritable human genetic disorder.
®    Total absence of one or more enzyme.
®    Under abnormal conditions there may be excessive activity of specific enzyme.
®    Some body enzymes are missed due to inborn errors of metabolism.

4  Gaucher’s Disease
®    A liposomal storage disease
®    Due to total absence of glucocerebrosidase enzyme.
®     Leads to accumulation of glucocerebrosidase in various tissues.

4  Taysach’s Disease
®    Absence of the enzyme hexose deaminase
®    The enzyme usually presents in the lysosome of ganglion brain cells & removes the carbohydrate residues of the ganglioside lipid.
®    If the ganglioside concentration in these cells accumulates, it affects the brain function & ultimately leads to death.

4  Fabry’s Disease
®    Due to lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in the red blood cell.
®    This affects the ability of cells to regenerate glutathione. This leads to membrane fragility & haemolytic anemia.
®    Not all the enzyme deficiency disease requires enzyme replacement sometimes offended substance remove from diet may work.
®    For treatment of chronic pancreatitis pancreatic enzymes are used (a mixture of lipase, amylase & protease).
®    Blood cells are dissolved by enzymes urokinase & streptokinase. These enzymes activate plasmin.

4  Subtilin-                     -Used as adjuvant for biochemical treatment
  for brunt (ulcer) lesions.
4  Collagenase-              -Dermal ulcer
-Remove necrotic lesion
4  Papain-                       -Used in the debridement of necrotic tissue.
(Removal of necrotic/infected tissue or foreign
 materials from wound).

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Admin of Microbial World

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